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Name & Last name: Masoud Farahani
Birth Date:
Dec. 11th, 1977
Civil engineering

Childhood Interest: My tendency and affection toward automobile and motorcycle racings started from childhood and continued in adolescence, as well when my main hobby was reading too many auto magazines.

Choosing Rally as main field: Taking too many trips, driving in different kinds of roads, I became interested in rally, much more than before.
My other reason for choosing rally was the nice relationships and friendly terms among rally drivers and co-drivers.
I also have to mention that, those days, rally competitions were held with a better quality as compared with the race, in Iran.

First Competition: In the year 1998, I participated in my first competition which was a rally town and could achieve 92nd place.

Continuation: After that I started my work as an amateur till 2001, when driving KIA (Pride), I entered Professional level.

In 2002, along with rally, with the entrance of first race kart to Iran, I started my activity in this field, too and could achieve the 3rd place in 2002.

In 2003, I was sent by Iran Auto Racing Federation, to International Armenia Rally and could reach 1st place in Speed Stage and 3rd in total.

The same year, I signed with SAIPA and driving the cars; Xantia, Pride141 (1.6) and Pride 141 (1.8), could achieve 2nd team and 3rd individual championship place in 2004.

In the year 2005, I became a member of Mazda team, driving in class 1600 which is the highest level of Iran rally competitions. In the same year, I stood at the 1st team and 3rd individual place.

It is to say that right now am still in the same team, driving Mazda Protégé.

Training: For a long time, I had been thinking of passing a technical and professional course in a foreign country, but unfortunately could not do the same due to some problems.
At last in April 2006 I succeeded to take a trip to England and registering at Gwynne International Rally School, could pass the professional course of 4WD and Front Wheel, driving Subaru Impreza and Nissan Micra, under supervision of Mr. Steve Markham, as my coach. This remained as a good and useful experience for me.

After that, regarding my interest in Race training, I decided to pass a race course. In July 2006, I participated in a Formula course and also Race, driving Subaru Impreza WRX.

Objectives of Designing This Website:

Not being enough information and guidelines about auto racing in available newspaper and magazines, I decided to create a website to provide useful information, news and training points about this field.

One other goal of this website is to grant authority of some pages to champions and professionals so that interested people would become more familiar with them, also making relations between champions and new comers. Hope the same might help interested people get help of and benefit professionals’ useful experience and guidelines.

The next aim is creating a market for spare and tuning parts of automobiles and motorcycles and providing the opportunity for all to become familiar with foreign well-known companies, also establishing a specialized bank for spare part companies.

Another goal is connecting to foreign authoritative and considerable auto racing schools and introducing them to youngsters, to help interested ones become familiar with these centers and their training schedules for enabling them to enter outside competitions.

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